About Us


Lincoln Diagnostics, LLC is one of the largest independent, general diagnostic histopathology laboratories located on Staten Island, NY. We take pride in delivering quality service for not only histopathology, but to a range of multiple diagnostic testing in our new, state of the art facility located in New Jersey. To us, quality and accuracy of patient testing comes first!

With many years of experience, our pathologists offer significant expertise to the oversight of diagnostic cases including specimens from all tissue sites. We provide a full range of histology services, including grossing, processing, embedding, microtome, routine and special staining. Our laboratory is staffed by highly experienced technologists, who are registered and licensed by New York State. Properly prepared tissues and slides help to ensure precise and accurate diagnoses. Lincoln Diagnostics, LLC utilizes the latest state of the art instrumentation and medical technology to assist in the preparation of specimens, and strict quality assurance mechanisms are in place to maintain a consistent level of precision.

Our facility in New Jersey provides an array of services in Molecular Oncology, diagnostic blood testing, toxicology, GI testing, RPP, H.Pylori breath test, and so much more. All testing is done in-house, which increases turnaround time. Looking at the patient’s susceptibility of illness on a genetic level provides physicians with greater insight to improving patient care. Our state of the art instrumentation and highly skilled and licensed technologists provide quality results and consultation.

We are committed to leveraging technology to enhance our operational efficiency. Photographs to supplement the diagnostic report are available on all reports. Our turnaround time is 24-48 hours for general technical preparation and diagnosis.

For your convenience, we offer a web-based results reporting tool. This allows you to securely access your patient’s results from virtually anywhere via the Internet. With Lincoln Diagnostics, you can be assured that our team will respond to your concerns or questions with better quality of service and customer care then you are used to.

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Customized Services

  • Physician to physician consultative approach
  • Second opinions and call-backs for significant or unusual findings
  • Superior customer service department
  • Dedicated courier network with STAT pickup capabilities
  • TC/PC capabilities

Report Capability

  • Enhanced high resolution color reports with photomicrographs and body-site mapping for all specialties
  • Ability to receive secure emails with report accessibility
  • Ability to interface with all EMR systems
  • 24-hour web-based remote access and management of patient results
  • Fax and mail report delivery options

We look forward to being of service to your practice.