Immunoglobulin G, (IgG), Serum

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Test code: L187

The spectrum of abnormalities in serum immunoglobulin concentrations is broad. Abnormal concentrations range from a virtual absence of one or more of the three major classes of immunoglobulin (IgA, IgG and IgM) to polyclonal increases in one or more immunoglobulins. Measurement of IgG aids in the diagnosis of abnormal protein metabolism and the body’s lack of ability to resist infectious agents.

Methodology: Nephelometry

Specimen Required:

PATIENT PREPARATION: An 8 to 12-hour fast is recommended but not required in order to minimize any possible lipemia.

Collect: Serum Separator Tube (SST) – 0.5 ml.

Specimen Preparation: Serum free from hemolysis is the recommended specimens. Allow blood samples to clot (15 mins). Separate the serum from the cells by centrifuging for 10 minutes. Store serum at 2-8°C until analysis.

Storage/Transport Temperature: Refrigerated.

Stability: Serum specimens are stable up to three days at 2 – 8°C or longer when stored at <-20°C.
At Lincoln Diagnostics Lab: Refrigerated -3 days: Frozen- 1 monthPerforming Lab 


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